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Whether a business succeeds or fails, when it’s all said and done, the reason will be the same—their people! No matter what product or service you’re selling, ultimately, you’re in the people business.

Honing team dynamics then becomes a critical practice for any leader. While our people are the greatest source of triumph, more leaders struggle with what to do when our people are the source of our frustration. How do we ensure productivity? How do we sustain employee engagement? There’s no one way to manage human nature, but leaders who approach their role from a human-centric perspective will eventually find their way to improvement and a better “return-on-individuals.”

With her new best selling book, The Human Team®, Jeanet Wade resolves to give leaders an adaptable framework for gaining better control of team dynamics so that their organization can thrive. Throughout the course of her career, Jeanet discovered how to harness human energy out of “human moments, ” while helping individuals, teams, and organizations to improve their overall health, retention, engagement, loyalty, motivation, adaptability, and financial results. “I wrote this book to share these insights and help leaders crack the code for cultivating human energy and unleashing stronger outcomes for their people, teams, and organizations,” Wade explains.

Both a culmination of Jeanet’s years of hands-on experience and a practice guidebook for moving leaders more efficiently, effectively, and joyfully along their own paths of people-first leadership, The Human Team is an urgent read for the era of remote work. Building upon our innate understanding of humanity, Wade’s expertise offers deeper levels of awareness about the human beings who make up the teams in any organization. By the end, leaders are equipped with sophisticated strategies for successfully managing human nature so they can nurture excellence in their people.

Ultimately, Wade realized if people are working in an environment that doesn’t provide their basic needs as a human being no amount of nurturing is going to result in a productive outcome. It’s around this idea that the core of her book—The 6 Facets of Human Needs®—is organized. Using personal vignettes, Wade reveals how Confidence, Clarity, Connection, Contribution, Challenge, and Consideration are the essential building blocks for any successful team.

An innovative new chapter in the pantheon of management books, Jeanet Wade’s The Human Team is a new kind of call-to-action for leaders in any field, one that centers the defining element of all teams—its people.

Acknowledgements: While I didn’t have a coauthor, I did have a copilot in writing this book. Many sections and chapters of this book wouldn’t be possible without substantial contributions by Marshall Wade, my business partner and husband. I am grateful for his insight, guidance, writing, and edits. He challenged me and had confidence in me throughout this journey.